Our Philosophy

We believe that the English Bible is an ideal text for teaching English.  Not only is it beautiful English but also it addresses every aspect of human life.  The biblical narratives are exciting and varied.  Moreover, the English Bible has impacted the English language and culture. Since we believe that the Bible is the revelation of God, we believe that it is important that people be able to read it.

We believe that learning a language is learning a skill like learning to play the piano or learning to play basketball.  Therefore the teacher is a like a coach guiding the learner through various skill building and skill using activities.  Our materials are designed so that learners are actively listening, reading, speaking, or writing English: a task-based teaching methodology is essential.

 We believe that there is a progression in learning so we have developed every unit according to that progression: link or hook to personal life; new knowledge/information; practice; application to and use in personal life.

We believe that learners are learning English for particular purposes in their own lives so we link units to real life needs.

We believe that English is a beautiful, systematic, consistent language that can be taught and understood. Learners need to be given clear explanations of the systems of English. Learners are coming to our classes for this- let’s give them what they need and want.